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Kofa International's main mission is to increase American Trade and investments in Africa. This is done by working with various US credit agencies to mitigate risks for American companies while building capacities in Africa. Some of the common investments are in the form of debt, equity and direct foreign investments.

Our secondary mission is to change the African economy from a cash based to a credit based economy to be able to level the playing field with the global economy of today by helping them to develop international credit ratings from the various transactions with US credit agencies.

We are selling for U.S. manufacturers and service companies. We make international sales & marketing simple and affordable.

We represent American, foreign manufacturers and service companies wishing to expand their sales within America and into other parts of the world. We have the right team of professionals to give our clients, the best types of presence in the various markets. Our associates in many foreign countries assist our clients in effectively developing sales and distribution in major foreign markets.

Kofa International also represents American's small, medium, and multi-national corporations in international markets, particularly in Africa and most importantly in Nigeria.